Local Services

Navigating your way around the White Mountains of New Hampshire always means a stop into one of our local grocery markets and information centers. Perhaps you even need a little help with real estate in and around Franconia Notch. Hopefully, you won't have to visit any of our healtch care centers and hospitals. For whatever local services that you may need, we are pleased to provide you with some basic contact information. Another good source of information on local groceries, health, and real estate services are the Chambers of Commerce listed below. Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any local services questions and enjoy your trip to the New Hampshire White Mountains!


Mac's Franconia Market, Main Street, Franconia 603/823-7795
Shaw's Supermarket, Meadow Street, Littleton 603/444-1017
Wayne's Market, Main Street, North Woodstock 603/745-8819

Information Services

Franconia Notch Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, Franconia 603/823-5661
Lincoln-Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, Lincoln 603/745-6621
Littleton Chamber of Commerce111 Main Street, Littleton 603/444-6561
White Mountain Attractions Association, Route 112, N. Woodstock 800/346-3687
Ski New Hampshire, Route 112, N. Woodstock 800/887-5464

Health Services

Littleton Regional Hospital, St. Johnsbury Road, Littleton 603/444-9000
Linwood Medical Associates, Main Street, Lincoln 603/745-8136
Speare Memorial Hospital, Hospital Road, Plymouth 603/536-1120
Center for Balanced Health, 297 Main Street, Franconia 603/823-7701

Real Estate Services

Franconia Notch Vacations Rental & Realty, Main Street, Franconia 800-247-5536
Reinhold Associates Real Estate, Main Street, Franconia 800/646-8673
Polimeno Realty, Main Street, N.Woodstock 603/745-8289
Loon Mountain Vacation Properties 603/381-2781